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❊ I want to roleplay with you
✸ I want to plot with you
✤ I want to ship with you
✥ I have roleplayed with you and it was great
❦ I sort of secretly ship a thing with your muse(s)
✷ I wish our characters was friends
✢ I like your characters
✱ I don’t like your characters
✣ I like the way you express your muse(s)
✫ I don’t like the way you express your muse(s)
☬ I feel like your characters are underdeveloped
❂ I don’t agree on all your headcanons
✡ I agree on all your headcanons
❋ Your blog is one of my favs
✦ I like seeing you on my dash
✵ I don’t follow you for roleplay
✧ I wish you would notice me
✩ You intimidate me
✪ You seem like a cool person
✺ You’re hard to approach
✻ I wish you weren’t so shy
❄ I look up to you
❆ I love your art
❇ I love the way you write
* I want to learn to know you
# I’m too shy to approach to you
☓ We should talk!
♥ *Your choice what to write*
(via taintednurse)


Another experiment…

Chicken Man couldn’t act surprised by the news. Genetic manipulation had been part of Black Rhombus’ MO back in the day.

He couldn’t help but wonder if this one would be as amicable as himself.

Then again, judging from the state of the…

Phoenyx was on the ground floor in a matter of seconds, already face to face with his attacker/target.

The man looked familiar, if only in passing. Had he met him before? It didn’t matter. He was in the way. He would be handled.

His target was a large fellow, but he moved surprisingly quickly. Regarding the helmet for a fraction of a moment, he turned his attack away from the face and neck. Instead he moved to take the threat apart piece by piece.

The distraction had done its job; the oaf was mesmerized. Humans and bright lights. They were like moths. Sad, really.

It allowed him enough time to close the distance and rend the club he was brandishing in two with his obsidian-sharp talons. He followed up with a hard knee towards his solarplexus, his normally keen eyes fixed in a soulless, predatory trance.


7 a.m. in the big city. Sam was at a point were she couldn’t fall asleep and if she did, she did stay in dreamland for very long at all. Only six hours of sleep was the total for three nights. How wonderful. The blue haired girl kicked a rock down the path she walk, sighing deeply. She was just so…

"You got that right!" He popped his head out from under a manhole.

"That was an awesome rock kick! Ten out of ten! Wooooo!"

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